Billable Hour Promo Video Leaked

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s discussion about the real meanings behind the Billable Hour debate, something showed up in my email inbox late last night.

I can’t confirm the authenticity of the video. One source said it is an early demo version of a promo video to be shown before the keynote at the next annual meeting of a major legal organization. Another source said it was commissioned by a major international law firm as a way to rally the troops at the next partners’ retreat.

Rear-guard act of desperation, or savvy disinformation by an AFA guru? Decide for yourself.

I anticipate getting a C&D sometime in the next 48 hours, so watch it while you can. Whatever the source, someone really dug deep for the archival footage of Honest Abe doodling after one of his many lost elections. Color, no less.