Google Docs Roils Legal Tech – I

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video is probably worth a few more:

Here’s the link if you’re reading this off a feed.

So this use of Google Docs involves documents, but it may not even be the best part. Note the video mentioned that you can share presentations (i.e., PowerPoint). Here’s a view of one that someone already figured out how to embed in a web page, with chat enabled.

Think about this for a moment or two, and the legal applications that it “presents.” I have a few ideas already, and I’ll roll out at least one of them Thursday.

Microsoft is probably still reeling from yesterday’s EU antitrust ruling. Google putting a few major chunks of Office in the cloud may be more important in the long run.

I love the low-tech way this idea is presented (designed by commoncraft). It’s about time there’s more substance and less glitzy form to how ideas are expressed on the Internet.