Wired GC — Unplugged Show #6

The Wired GC -- Unplugged

“Legal Literacy for Business”

It seems like an almost daily occurence: you pick up a newspaper and read about a company that has a CEO, a board member, or even a GC under some ethical cloud. Once a matter has come to the attention of the public (and the regulators), a company is in damage control mode.

One way to guard against this is for corporate counsel to practice preventative law and educate managers in the business case for ethical conduct.

In today’s audiocast, we address this timely issue with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, a corporate counsel and author of “The Business Guide to Legal Literacy.”

Today’s show is here (just click on the “mp3″ link):

mp3 (9:12 min; 2.1 mb)

Show Notes:

— Ms. Hasl-Kelchner’s website is found here.

— Her bio is here.

— The Legal Literacy weblog.

— A link to Ms. Hasl-Kelchner’s book on Amazon. Buy it! It’s cheaper than litigation…