A GC on SCOTUS? (#2)


Three thoughts:

1. I should have followed my Roberts “policy” on Miers.

2. Now the President is over a barrel. If he tries to appease the right, the left girds for battle. If he doesn’t, the right is already engaged.

3. The problem wasn’t just President Bush asking Ms. Miers. It was also her saying “yes”. If she had taken her nominee screening job seriously, she would have seen a conflict. If she was really looking for nominees qualified at the Roberts level, she should have seen a problem in the mirror.

While the President was focused on Katrina and Rita, it was Hurricane Harriet that surged over the White House.

And if Patrick Fitzgerald drops the dime on Messrs. Rove and Libby tomorrow, the President will really have hit the trifecta this week.