A World View of the Bottom Line

I noted last time a recent survey that showed corporate legal cost control has stagnated. The majority of all services were still performed at hourly rates (standard or “discounted”)–making budgets unpredictable and potentially rewarding over-lawyering.

Forward-thinking companies are becoming aware of offshore alternatives to gain cost advantages while delivering quality legal services. While still in its infancy, any GC (or client-driven outside counsel) needs to track this developing area.

One helpful new resource to view and bookmark is offshore-legal-services.com. Established by David Galbenski, CEO of Contract Counsel, this site presents a helpful introduction to this area, both with traditional background materials and with a series of short videos as well.

Mr. Galbenski has been an innovator in the use of contract legal services and Contract Counsel has been recognized as an Inc. 500 growth company. He is now extending his search for legal solutions worldwide.

This makes Mr. Galbenski a person to listen to and offshore-legal-services.com a site to watch.